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Cat Doctor Sucess Story

Mac_sucess_story..jpgMac, short for “Macaroni and Cheese”, is a six month old orange tabby that presented to The Cat Doctor on Friday for lethargy and vomiting 10 times in the past few days after eating Mommy and Daddy’s almonds. When he presented for exam he did appear lethargic so we took an X-ray and kept him for observation giving him anti-nausea medication. The X-ray showed moderate thickening of the small intestine. As the day progressed, so did his pain. Mac was declining fast and we were worried he might not make it through the weekend. Dr. Susan Rodgers our new associate Doctor, decided to take him to surgery after consulting with Mac’s parents. She found 2 almonds wedged in his small intestine causing obstruction and degradation of the intestinal wall. Dr. Rodgers removed the almonds and carefully searched the entire length of the intestine and found no other obstruction. Did you know that the length of a cat’s small intestine is the longest portion of the GI tract? It is a circular hollow tube that is approximately three to four times the length of the animal's body. The next day, Mac was a happy purring kitten excited to get attention from his nurses. The Cat Doctor is very pleased with Mac’s quick recovery.