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Sanitary Clip

A great way to stay sanitary while using the litter box. We trim just the right places. This one comes with an extra trim up the tummy to keep matting to a minimum for a purr-fect appearance.

Lion Clip

Turn your cat into the King of the Jungle! Our experts will customize just the right style for your lion.

Bubble Bath

Pamper your kitten with a luxurious bubble bath featuring our special Perlyt shampoo (soap-free conditioning formulation with oatmeal) and remoisturizing cherry cream rinse.

Comb Out

An enjoyable experience sure to make your cat purr! Available in 30 minute and 15 minute increments of bliss.


Soft Paws

While your cat may feel like King of the Jungle, we wouldn’t want your furniture to suffer. Soft Paws come in a variety of colors to express your cat’s individual personality.

Flea Abatement

Fleas are never in fashion. To prevent discomfort and disease we recommend having your loved one on a monthly prevention program.

Dental Brightening

Uncover those pearly whites from unsightly tartar and unpopular bad breath. Full scale and polish with fluoride treatments.

Bed and Breakfast

Many of our guests find that they too want a spa get-a-way while your away from home or vacation. We will love and care for your adored one and provide the very best during your cats stay.

Other Services

Bikini Trim, Nail Trim, Massage, Pedicure, Nutritional Food and Supplements.