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In Memory of Ziggy

In Memory of "Ziggy"

Dear Dr. Kendra, Dr. Darcie, Dr. Susan, CC, Katie, Cindy & Colin:

Thank you for the beautiful bouquet of tulips that just arrived and your continued support and concern.

Based on a referral I received from Guardian Animal Aftercare, I attended a bereavement group last night at The Center For Spiritual Living (Watercourt Bldg., WLV) where I found like company not only in grief but in shared beliefs. Dr. Kathleen Ayl (Clinical Psychologist & Pet Therapist) and a woman named Rose who lost her doggie were the only ones attending. For over two hours we talked, cried and shared advice. Kathleen said it will be a long yet rewarding road to healing and explained that we sometimes grieve more over lost pets due to the aspect of unconditional love. She also cautioned that not all people love their pets like us but see them as objects and to be careful with whom I discuss my loss as their indifference would hurt and set me back. I am grateful that I can share my feelings with you and that you are so attuned to the messages that we receive from our angels.

Today has been rough as therapy tends to bubble up raw feelings but a hummingbird showed up to say hello and your flowers arrived. I am trying to take one day at a time but I miss my baby boy so much. He was cremated this morning. His cremains will be available for me to pick up on Thursday. I will continue to go back to the support group until I feel steady again.

On Sunday i wrote a love letter to Ziggy, a thank you to your wonderful and caring staff and created a memorial in the guestroom. Along with his photo his cremains will be placed. A candle is lit and I bought a small plant. I discovered another whisker and added it to the envelope. 

From the bottom of my aching heart, thank you.

Best Regards & Blessings,