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Feline Laser Rhinoplasty AKA Persian Nose Job

Feline Laser Rhinoplasty (Nostril Enlargement).

AKA Persian Nose Job

The Cat Doctor is one of few veterinary hospitals offering nostril enlargement for cats with respiratory problems. Certain cat breeds, particularly Persians, Himalayans and Exotic Short Hairs have trouble breathing through their nose because the nostril openings are too narrow. Cats that are affected by this problem are more prone to upper respiratory infections and will wheeze, snort or snore when they are sleeping. Chronic airway obstruction is uncomfortable and can compromise health and longevity.

The Cat Doctor performs a procedure that allows the nostrils to be surgically enlarged using a Carbon Dioxide Laser. This is a simple outpatient procedure with rapid healing and instantaneous comfort for your cat. Owners and breeders have travelled from all over to have this procedure done at The Cat Doctor.

On the same day of this procedure, your cat will be given a thorough physical examination, blood work will be evaluated in our lab and a nasal culture or upper respiratory profile may be performed. This surgery is done under general anesthesia and is performed as a sterile procedure. Two small incisions are made with the laser on either side of the nose and a crescent-shaped piece of skin is removed. The amount of skin removed depends on how tightly your cat's nostrils are closed. Since we use a laser for this procedure, no sutures are required. Our comprehensive pain management protocol will ensure your cat’s comfort following the procedure.

The Cat Doctor has had remarkable success with this procedure, and as a result, most owners notice a significant improvement in breathing. Our clients have noted that their cats have more energy, gain weight and have a better quality of life. Please call or email The Cat Doctor if you have any questions or if you would like more information.