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In Memory of Gertie

"I am here to announce to the world that you can find no better Doctors than the group on Telephone Road, The Cat Doctors.
They took care of my Gertie girl for 5 years, ever since our move to Ventura. She was ill when we got here, seriously so. Even they didn't think she would pull thru but they got her well again, after surgery, with Gertie developing complications (including ants from under our house getting into her tube site!) She hadn't eaten for weeks but Drew finally got her to lick food from his finger. She had 2 hospitalizations & they treated her like she was the Queen of England, as well as giving her excellent medical care.
She had minor problems after that until she became ill 2 weeks ago (on a Saturday, unfortunately) & died. The folks @ the Emergency Pet Hospital took excellent care of her but she was too ill to survive with anything other than misery. And, though the Cat Doctors hadn't seen her with this rapid-onset illness, they still sent us a personal message of comfort that let us, my daughter & me, know that they remembered & they cared.
Thank you, Cat Doctors, nurses & techs & all. You are the finest!
with love from Gertie Boston's family."

Kristina Boston