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Laser Surgery

Laser Surgery in Cats

Lasers are now being utilized by general practitioners to perform many elective procedures in cats, such as removal of skin masses, entropion surgery, superficial ear polyps, neutering, and spaying.

What are the advantages of laser surgery over traditional surgery? Laser surgery causes less post-operative pain, less bleeding, less swelling and a faster recovery. The main disadvantage is cost. Laser surgical units are expensive to purchase and maintain and they require specialized training and equipment.

Most lasers used in small animal surgery utilize carbon dioxide. Electrical energy stimulates carbon dioxide causing it to emit a beam of energy. The energy is rapidly converted into heat and when it comes in contact with tissue, it evaporates the water in the cells and breaks them apart. Laser surgery allows for faster surgery with less tissue trauma, swelling and post-operative pain.

Most procedures are routinely performed with a scalpel at The Cat Doctor. If you want the carbon dioxide laser used during your cat’s procedure to reduce peri-operative pain and swelling, please notify the staff at the time the treatment plan is presented prior to surgery. Any additional questions will be answered at that time.